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Botanical Name : Nardostachys Jatamansi Dc.
Common English Name : Spikenard
Indian/Hindi Name :Jatamamsi,Jatamasi
Habitat : Found in India, Nepal and Bhutan.
Plant Parts Used : Fruits, Seeds, Leaves, Bark
Products Offered : Fruits, Seeds, Fruit Powder

Product Description:

Cashspice Herblz Anti-Hairfall powder drastically reduces hairfall and makes hair smooth and silky. In combination with Cashspice Herblz Herbal black henna it imparts black colour to hair and prevents greying of hair.

Handling Instructions:

Cashspice herblz Anti-hairfall hair oil:

1.Add 30 gms of Cashspice Herblz Anti-Hairfall powder to 100 ml of Cashspice Herblz Pure Coconut oil. And store in cool dark palce for 1 week. 2.use this oil regularly to massage your scalp .

Cashspice herblz Anti-hairfall hair pack:

1. Mix 10 mg of Cashspice herblz Anti-hairfall powder to 20 mg of Cashspice Herblz Hair Grow Powder and 20 mg Cashspice Herblz Herbal Henna and make a smooth paste. 2.Apply to scalp and hair and leave in for 30 mins. 3. Wash with luke warm water.